Hi my name is Jenny and I love to write about Motherhood and the trials and tributes throughout my journey. I don’t unfortunately hold any golden answers to the endless list of parenting trivia and I don’t proclaim to be an expert.
One thing I can promise is that I give my three beautiful children my best efforts. We have an overwhelming amount of love in our home and I love almost every second of being a Mother. Some seconds of the day fall into the trials section of life.

It’s really hard to write about myself now I have three beautiful children which consume practically every minute of my time. I adore being a Mum more than anything, literally anything…but we all have the same parenting dramas that we could climb up a mountain and scream from the tops about. But in my case a VERY large cup of Yorkshire Tea usually heals the situation.

As a writer I have been trying to finish one of my books for four years, genuinely!!

I find I start typing a new chapter and get called to a toilet disaster or a very sticky chocolatey mess and as I retire for the evening I have only completed a couple of paragraphs.

However the topics I do get to write about I love to sit and chat about with all my friends, some who have children and some who do not and I have always found it’s good to talk our stresses through…it’s refreshing…so with that in mind I started to use my short writing periods to create my parenting blog. You can also catch my Motherhood Vlogs on my YouTube channel; Mum of Three God Help Me.

I write about all elements of parenting from day one in the uterus through to the crazy amazing things my six  year old gets up to. I believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting so all my blog entries are my experiences NOT instructions…definitely not as even I know it’s bad to bribe a three year old to come on the school run with a pack of chocolate buttons at 8.30 am Whoops!!

If you would like to message me about Motherhood or Work opportunities then please don’t hesitate to fill in a contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.