I’m running on fumes.

Sunday is the best day of the week for me for a million reasons. But I will condense them down to the 10 best things about a Sunday:

  1. Its officially the end of what is usually a long week.
  2. We make sure that we spend the whole day as a family.
  3. It’s the day that the stress slate that builds up throughout the week gets wiped clean.
  4. The kids have NO CLUBS on a SUNDAY!! Woo Hoo!!
  5. I’m usually running on empty by this point and I know I only have one baby at home on a Monday so I have a nice steady start to the week coming up in the morning.
  6. Sunday is my list day. I should point out now that I absolutely love and couldn’t possibly function without several lists each day. Genuinely!
  7. Hubby calls Santa on a Sunday with a behavioural update so we tend to have some pretty well-behaved mini beasts on a Sunday.
  8. Hubby & I like to have a quick brainstorm every Sunday Morning pooling together our ideas for ways we can get up put the kettle on & book Disney World again…FOR TOMORROW!! None of them ever make the cut so we shall keep saving. Selling one of my kidneys is apparently a bit too excessive.
  9. I relish in the OCD traits I have that the school uniform for the week ahead is already ironed and the school bags are already sorted…Friday me is a legend!!
  10. I climb into my fresh bedding in fresh JAMMIES YASSSSS! Best part of the week right there.

I am very lucky to have such amazing mini humans running around me on a daily basis. I must stop at least five times a day in awe of my kids and I still even six and a half years on can’t believe I grew them inside me. Its simply amazing.

Being a parent is the most rewarding, yet the most tiring job I have the privilege of having. Sunday is a great opportunity to sit with a large brew and reflect on the week just past.

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