The Absolute Definition of Strength

Today I got to wrap my arms around and squeeze so tightly three out of four of the strongest most incredible people I have the absolute pleasure of calling my dearest friends.

At the beginning of the year my friend’s little girl who was only three years old at the time, was diagnosed with Leukemia. The road she and her family have travelled has been one full of sadness, pain, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, shock to name a few of the horrific emotions that Cancer bestows on people. One thing that this special little lady has which has been the key to putting up the biggest fight of her life is STRENGTH, strength by the bucket load.

She has kept her most treasured accessory throughout, her SMILE and her ability to pull the absolute best out of life’s most horrific situations. Her strength powers her parents and her brother’s strength.

Her resilience is breath taking and her acceptance of how her world got flipped upside down in the space of 30 seconds has been incredible.

They have lived in the shadows for months avoiding negative factors which can affect such an intense treatment routine and despite all they have endured they still ooze happiness and are surrounded by such LOVE.

STRENGTH is usually associated with a big, muscly being who can physically challenge others, but to me, strength is defined by your spirit. A little girl fighting Cancer with a smile is strength, parents paying the bills and keeping the other children smiling while fighting for the little girl with Cancer is strength and strength is not giving up while you don’t think you can go on.

I remain in awe of this incredible family and every other family living this nightmare.

My prayers are filled with hope and love.


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