Jog on Junk food January

What a very busy few weeks I’ve had, I’m absolutely exhausted both mentally and physically. We moved house between Christmas and New Year with 3 children 5 and under pretty self explanatory how that went 😳 Only kidding in all fairness they were all little diamonds and made it a smooth transition. Kids love their new rooms and my daughter likes her new school.

My husband and I have been struggling with the speed in which our daughter is making new friends…if I hear it’s early days one more time I’m going to cry 😢 She is sussing everyone out and choosing wisely but for me that equals loneliness 🙈 She comes home happy and tells us she’s had a fun day so it’s mainly our worries taking over not hers 😨

My beautiful boy started a few hours in Nursery and to my absolute shock he loves it 😵 After 3 years and 4 months spending every minute of every day together he now leaves me with a smile on his face and returns home exactly the same. I thought it would be a huge process going through the separation and he basically waved me off 👋🏻👦🏼💙 Thank God I’ve stuck to my Junk food January as I’d have been an even bigger wreck without all the Christmas chocolate 😳 Thankfully it’s all been eaten now ready for Fitness February 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏼

Somehow I gave birth last week and she is now 7 1/2 Months 😳 Why does it go 100 times faster than getting to 8 months pregnant 😢 She is still the happiest baby and just loves life 😍 Baby Hero 👶🏻

Also I find it hard to believe my BABY girl (my eldest 🙈) is going to turn 6 this week 😱 Time is flying by and I find there are not enough hours in the day to squeeze in that golden time with all my little beauties.

Some times in life we have those events that make your world shudder and you actually freeze and take two steps back to realise just how incredibly fortunate you are. All the things we moan and stress about are shown to be not necessarily insignificant but certainly not important.

This week I received news that brought me to my knees and I don’t quite know how to pick myself up. I feel completely helpless 💔 The most perfect little girl, that I have the pleasure of knowing has Leukaemia. To imagine the pain her parents are feeling, two of my most favourite people, absolute salt of the earth characters, makes my heart physically ache, it’s unimaginable. I take comfort in knowing she is a warrior and I couldn’t imagine any stronger people than her parents to take this fight on. She has a positive prognosis and WILL win the fight 👧🏼❤️

Her army is far bigger ❤️

This new year brings great sadness and fear but along side it it brings strength and love. Squeeze those you love a little tighter, let them have the last biscuit, take time out before you squabble and most importantly love harder than you ever have. 💜🧡💚💛❤️💙

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