So much to do so little time…DECEMBER the very best & Worst Month of the year!

I am an extremely organised character always have been, I have a list for my lists and I always prepare a month in advance for even the smallest of things it’s just how I roll 😃 My car is loaded with a fix it to almost every problem a parent may face when not inside my military run house 😂 I rotate the children’s & our bedding on alternate weekends. I buy & wrap presents & write the birthday cards for all our relatives weeks in advance. I start my Christmas shopping in June, I keep two of most household essentials and to date have not yet had the dreaded last loo roll during the night drama nor have I ever had the last baby wipe panic 😳😂

I drive my husband mad with my OCD ways ( in a good way apparently…whatever that means) but this DECEMBER has crept up behind me & won the race by a country mile.

I feel I have a million & one things to do… only roughly two possibly three which are important yet we just stress about exceptionally pointless things.

My daughters December school diary takes up a good 50% of my thoughts, I’m cooking some delish meals for my weaning Princess & my Prince, well he’s still just hanging off me like a Koala three years & counting now 🙈😂

My Mary Claus duties are complete at least but now my Mummy duties begin by taking my beauties to see the Big Man himself at least twice 🎅🏻🙈 Once is just never enough! School taken going to the Panto out my hands, nice one school woo hoo 💪🏼 I’m trying to organise packing our house up as what else do you do over Christmas apart from move house!!! Seriously!! Every time I get my head around what I can start boxing UP I find I’m UNPACKING boxes, Christmas dec’s, tree and presents 🎁

I sound a bit Grinchy which I hate as I’m not having a Christmas moan it’s a December moan…very different things 🙊😂

Also every member of my family it seems was born in December 😬 Can’t blame them personally though ha ha!!

I feel slightly out of control with the sneaky month as it approaches…so much to do and not enough hands, legs, eyes, ears to fly through it all. I shan’t be to bitter though as for every stressful day we are about to embark on over the next 25 days we get rewarded with a festive shaped Chocolate…except ‘reality check’ I have three mini beasts & will not get to taste or even smell any those delicious December goodies 😢 Being a grown up can sometimes suck!!

Happy December to you all, may the odds be ever inyour favour 👩🏻‍🎤🤶🏻

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