Are we ever comfortable in our own skin?!

As Christmas approaches that fills me with an immense amount of excitement but there is a bite size feeling of dread that I feel when I think about my Husbands work Christmas Ball I am attending next month. It’s not attending the ball I dread, I can’t wait to have a night out with the other half & dance, have conversations with adults 🎉, use swear words 😂 eat food I haven’t had to cook and drink ALCOHOL 🥂🍾 no none of that it’s……….
The bloody dress 🙈👗🥊

I don’t feel very comfortable in dresses I never have, oddly I don’t feel very feminine 😳 The bit most ladies are most excited about when they get engaged is finding ‘The DRESS’!! This was the bit I dreaded most.
I spent more time choosing my daughters dress for our wedding than I did my own 🙈😂 my poor Mother 🙈
We went in a bridal shop I tried on two dresses for my Mothers sake then I bought one of them & left 🚀😲

I’m not one to sit & mope about it quite the opposite. I have very little patience for those wrapped up in themselves but when it comes to formal occasions I just feel very uncomfortable in my own skin 😨

I’ve had three very large pregnancies resulting in beautiful babies mind you 😜 but I find it almost impossible to return my body to the shape of a human not a blimp 😂🙊 What I would give to sit & have a brew with the 19 year me staring at the mirror feeling FAT in my size 8/10 jeans 😱
I think when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own skin size is irrelevant it’s how you judge yourself which in my case is quite harsh 😵 My husband fills me with confidence he loves me no matter what shape & size I am 😍 the problem is ME! Blumin women eh 😂
Do we over judge ourselves in a negative way? 🤔 Will we ever be comfortable in the skin we try cover up so cleverly with whopping big pants, floaty tops & oversized scarves?!
Can I wear a tuxedo I wonder? 🤔😂🙈

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