“I NEED!!!!!” 😵

My beautiful son has just told me that he needs chocolate for the 10 millionth time today. Along with needing my IPad whilst I’m using it, he needs my phone whilst I’m on a phone call 😤 he needs to eat my toast, he needs to sit on my knee while I feed the baby (that one is difficult 🙈💪🏼).
As I sit him down to try and explain he doesn’t need those things he would just like them and unfortunately we don’t always get what we like…he looks up at me deep in thought 💭 and I think my little baby boy who was three last month is turning a corner…he is starting to accept that four other people live in this house and not a one of them gets their way over his demanding although exceptionally cute personality.

I start to cheer inside that he is finally getting to grips with not being able to have EVERYTHING because he NEEDS it…when he looks up and tells me “Mummy, I need a Poo Poo 💩” He then smirks at me during his whole exit from the room 😂🙈😤

I then made a brew obviously, this fixes everything and I started to think of all the things I want well if I was a three year old , I NEED!!

Here we go; I need a HOT drink , I need a HOT bath, I need to eat a plate of food all by myself, I need to shower alone, I need privacy when I pop to the toilet, I need to make it through the day without at least two top changes, I need to sit down for a whole 60 seconds without hearing MUMMMM, I need to find my makeup bag & apply this foreign magical face shield, I need to dance to song that isn’t played twice a day on CBeebies 😩 and I don’t think it’s a lot to ask to NEED both my breasts to remain inside my top whilst carrying a child on my hip (he NEEDS to hold the front 😭😭). Personally I don’t think there a big ask 🙈👩🏻🥊

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