“They only do it for you”…From one Parent/ Carer to the other 🤥 Myth or Magic??

I have lost count of the amount of things my three children will only allegedly do for me, such as finishing a full bottle, lying ‘NICE’ for a nappy change, going to bed on time, behave good during the weekly food shop, brush teeth and many more, the list is endless 🤔

But is there truth in this statement or is it an easy way to avoid doing it the hard way?? 🤔
I’m extremely fortunate that I have a good egg in the husband category who will muck in and help get through the endless list of parenting jobs we have to do. I appreciate this should be the norm but for soooo many it’s not!!

That said, the children will always ask for my assistance even if it means literally walking PAST their Dad to get to me?! Why! Why not ask the first grown up you bump into (that they know of course 🙈).

Do children just get complacent with the parent they spend most of their time with so much so they will create for the simplest tasks for the other Parent/ career which of course leads to the book being passed back to me 😳
I often wonder if the Parent/ Carer who spends less time with children is being punished by the child/ children for having to work longer hours or for whatever reason may keep them separated during their awake hours 🤔 If only they knew a way to clear the mortgage & pay all the bills so we don’t have to work 😂
In my house routine is a must and my absolute saviour in ALL situations is a ‘BAN’ threat 😂…If you don’t finish…iPad ban! 👌🏻 If you don’t…chocolate ban! Works every time 😈

I don’t believe it’s a Myth as I see it myself that they will completely mug their Daddy off in most situations 😂 He is very much tightly wrapped around their fingers, particularly the girls. Therefore that concludes I am in fact, Magical 💪🏼🎱✨

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