Breastfeeding Shenanigans (.)(.)

Is breast best? The answer can only really depend on each individual situation. When I fell pregnant with my first born in 2011 I was made to feel like breastfeeding was the only option there was to ensure the best for my baby’s health & development. Various midwives made quite bold statements all highlighting that breast is best.
Once I went through the most amazing, yet quite frankly the most painful thing on the planet…apart from running a door over your big toe, no pain will rival that, I was unable to breast feed. I didn’t produce any milk & my daughters tummy was quite literally rumbling so I without a moments hesitation entered the world of formula feeding.


My darling daughter never had a night feed, she was what I like to call a Carlsberg baby. If you could design a baby’s routine hers was it. She fed every four hours on the button, sleeping for the majority of time in between. She is now incredibly clever and bright, I seriously dread helping her with her home work. She feels the need to know the ins & outs of EVERYTHING 😱

I had the same pressure to breast feed during my second pregnancy. Is this necessary to push women in a certain direction when they already have enough worries and concerns rattling around their confused baby fried brains? Once my gorgeous little man arrived two weeks early while his Daddy was 165 miles away with work 🙈 ( He made it, just, but that’s a whole story in itself) he too didn’t get any breast milk. I just didn’t seem to be able to feed my babies with my milk 😢 (.)(.) 🔨
A few weeks in my son struggled to take any fluids as he had horrendous Colic, I had no idea it was so awful for them. He was starving all the time and cried solidly from 7pm-1am every evening until he was roughly nine months old. This was a joyous time in my life…NOT! 😫😴 I don’t tend to drink alcohol around the children so it was just me, the constant crying & a big box of Yorkshire tea, in my eyes a good brew fixes most things. I owe that company a lot for my sanity remaining intact.
My third pregnancy was a very different experience. Not once did a Midwife push me to breast feed, I wasn’t made to feel like a naughty child if I didn’t listen and they listened when I told them I still wasn’t sure how I wanted to feed my baby. I planned to try breast feeding to at least pass on moon juice also known as the colostrum but then pop baby on to bottles as it didn’t work past this stage previously. Then a total game shifter, my gorgeous little angel was born and she loved the booby 😱🐮
I must admit the feeling was overwhelmingly natural although slightly painful to start 😳 but pretty awesome all the same. I was just so amazed that I could finally be milked woo hoo 🎉 But as I stumbled through my first two weeks with visitors coming and going I discovered although it’s incredibly natural it felt hugely un-natural at the same time. I was so nervous feeding with male relatives in the room particularly the young boys in my family as I found it mostly embarrassing. The fact that it came as a shock to be breast feeding also meant I was totally under prepared for it, I had no breast pump or any nursing bras or tops 🙈 I went to a family BBQ the day after I gave birth wearing a dress, I felt comfy enough so ventured out in it. Then my heart slowly started to sink when it was time to feed my newborn. I had to go hide in my sisters bedroom virtually naked in just my underwear as I had to remove my whole dress to access my breast to feed my baby, who does that?? 🙈😳😂
I steamed through the anxiety I experienced when public feeding only to find the biggest bump in the road was my guilt. I must have told my two other children to wait just two minutes for me about a million times a day. After a lot of discussions with my husband about what’s best for us we decided BOTTLE 🍼👌🏻

Thankfully after only breastfeeding for six weeks the transition to bottle went rather smoothly, she took the first bottle and never looked back. I went completely cold turkey…I can still feel the pains in my boobies if I close my eyes 😱 Within 24 hours my little angel went from feeding every 60 minutes to every three hours, I could have that crucial one on one time that I felt I was neglecting the children of and my husband got to feed the baby which he missed terribly having fed our other children throughout.

So for my family breast was not best to meet all of our needs and I don’t panic that she may miss out on vital nutrients as my other children are bright as buttons and healthy as hell 💪🏻😇 They are a testament to bottle feeding.

I take my hat off to all you troopers who still breast feed, YOU RULE ✌🏻

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